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50+ LGBTIQ organisations and Allies support affirming Religious Discrimination Bill

Originally published by Equality Australia, 16 July 2019   More than 50 LGBTIQ+ and ally organisations from all over Australia have released a joint statement in support of an affirming Religious Discrimination Act. Anna Brown*, CEO of Equality Australia, has called on the Government to follow through on their federal election promises and

I’m the gay grandson of a persecuted Jew; freedom of religion is not freedom to harm

Originally published by Justin Koonin, 15 July 2019 | Sydney Morning Herald    A few months ago, while researching my family history, I came across a letter addressed to my grandfather, Walter Mankiewicz, from his employer, the Reichs-Kredit-Gesellschaft, one of Germany’s large state-owned banks. Adolf Hitler in Nuremberg in 1933, the year that