AWEI and Ongoing Data Analysis

The AWEI Employee Survey, which accompanies the Australian Workplace Equality Index every year, is Australia’s richest source of annual and local data that focuses on both; LGBTQ inclusion initiatives and the impact of these initiatives on employees, regardless of how they identify. Participation in this optional employee survey has increased every year since it’s initial release.

To utilise this data, Pride in Diversity annually publishes a series of data materials, videos and blogs under the heading of AWEI PRACTICE POINTS. This helps to keep those within the Diversity & Inclusion profession informed and current in LGBTQ workplace inclusion. This data driven analysis and commentary would also be of immense value to network leaders, and those responsible for training within your organisation and executive.

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Practice Points (based on 2020 AWEI Employee Survey)

30 April

Key Findings: Sexual Orientation

In this first edition of Practice Points 2020, we look at some of the initial findings in regard to the lived experience of employees of diverse sexuality.

The data includes surprising findings on being out at work, engagement, mental health & well-being data and the latest survey data on bullying & harassment.

3 June

Inclusion of Trans & Gender Diverse Employees Part 1: Views & Perceptions (All Respondents)

Inclusion of Trans & Gender Diverse Employees Part 2: Lived Experience (TGD Respondents)

This second edition of AWEI 2020 Practice Points focuses on aspects of the survey that shed light on the inclusion of employees with a diverse gender and/or trans experience.

Part 1 will look at general views and perceptions of all respondents in areas that are important or impact inclusion felt by trans and gender diverse employees;

Part 2 will focus on the lived experience of trans & gender diverse respondents and the impact of these initiatives on their wellbeing at work.

31 August

Are our Leaders Our Most Active Allies: Being an Active Ally in the Workplace

In the third edition of AWEI 2020 Practice Points, we discuss the importance of active allies as they have made a visibly positive difference to the sense of LGBTQ inclusion in the workplace. We also note why they differ from those who are passive allies.

The data also shows trends suggesting that the higher we move up traditional organisational hierarchies, the higher the likelihood of someone being an active ally. Likewise, this visibility decreases as we move down the same reporting lines.

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