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About the AWEI Employee Survey

Who is able to participate in the AWEI Employee Survey?

  • Organisations who are members of Pride in Diversity
  • Organisations participating in the Australian Workplace Equality Index (regardless of membership)

As a result of participating, employers will receive high level analysis of your organisational responses. Individual respondents remain anonymous and are not identified, only the name of the organisation participating.

This analysis will provide your organisation with valuable feedback regarding LGBTQ inclusion across your workplaces. Respondents do not have to identify as individuals of diverse sexualities and/or genders, as the Survey is open to all.

2022 AWEI Survey Request Form

Please fill out the form below in order to request a unique URL for your organisation to participate in the 2022 AWEI Employee Survey.

The 2022 Survey unique URL will be sent out from Monday, 1 November 2021. The 2022 Survey will close on Friday, 11 February 2022.

Once you have received your unique URL, the Survey will be immediately available for distribution within your organisation, along with some sample communications that you can utilise/edit.

To preview a PDF version of the Survey, click here.

Note: All fields below are required in order to obtain your link.

You must select at least one INDUSTRY. If less than four industries are applicable to your organisation, please select ‘Not Applicable’ within the additional INDUSTRY dropdown menus.

If your organisation is also submitting an Index, we suggest the industry/ies you select match.

Please confirm: I understand that the unique URL assigned to my organisation must be distributed exactly as it was sent to me by Pride in Diversity and that it must not be altered in any way, or it will jeopardise responses collected for my organisation. This unique code is assigned to your organisation in order to properly collect responses from respondents within your organisation. When distributing to your organisation: Please do not add characters, spaces, or punctuation. Please be careful when hyperlinking so as to not alter the code in any way.