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It gives us great pleasure to present the 2020 Annual AWEI Benchmarking Publication and AWEI Employee Survey Results. 

The AWEI Benchmarking Publication is based on the results of the annual Index submissions. The Standard Employer and Small Employer AWEI Benchmarking Results have been combined into one publication.

There have been some significant changes within the new iteration of the AWEI; regarding how the submission document has been built, how employers are required to complete the Index, and how we present the data. We hope that our new format AWEI publication will also provide you with some additional valuable information.

The Survey forms part of the AWEI and it continues to be the largest survey of its kind in Australia. It is the only survey within Australia that annually gauges the lived experiences, insights and perceptions of employees working within organisations currently active in LGBTQ workplace inclusion. These organisations include those just beginning their journey and those well advanced in their efforts, across all sectors and industries.

This year, we have combined Standard Employer AWEI Survey results,  Small Employer AWEI Survey results, and Pride in Sport Index (PSI) Survey results to create one comprehensive Australian dataset.

To download a copy of the 2020 Benchmarking Publication or Survey Results, please click on the images below.

For more information on the AWEI or publications, please call our office on 02 9206 2139 or email awei@prideindiversity.com.au

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