2022 LGBTQ Inclusion Award Nomination Forms

Consider nominating a colleague or campaign for their outstanding contributions to LGBTQ inclusion within the categories listed below.

These awards are announced at the annual LGBTQ Inclusion Awards, hosted by Pride in Diversity. Each award recognises outstanding advocacy, support and/or contribution to LGBTQ inclusion within the workplace by leaders, role models, allies and more.

Click on the title of each award to download the Nomination Form.

CEO of the Year

This submission recognises the outstanding support, promotion, and/or contribution of your CEO (or equivalent) or your most Senior Executive to LGBTQ Workplace Inclusion.

Executive Leadership Award

This submission recognises the outstanding contribution(s) to LGBTQ inclusion from a senior leader within your organisation. This person may be an Executive Sponsor, but nominations are not limited to Executive Sponsors or Champion roles.

External Media Campaign Award

This award replaces the Innovation Award of previous years, focusing on the inclusion of LGBTQ people within the public / external-facing promotion of your products and/or services.

Network Leader of the Year

This submission recognises the impact of individuals within network leadership groups that perform above and beyond the expectations of the role and significantly impact LGBTQ workplace inclusion as a result.  This nomination is open to anyone who has a formal and leading role within the employee network leadership group.

OUT Role Model Award

This nomination is for an OUT LGBTQ individual within your organisation, who has actively advocated for and promoted an outstanding contribution to LGBTQ inclusion within the organisation.

Sally Webster Ally Award

This submission recognises the outstanding contribution of an individual within your organisation who does not personally identify as LGBTQ, but who has made a significant contribution to LGBTQ workplace inclusion as an ally to LGBTQ people.

Sapphire Inspire Award for LGBTQ Women

This submission acknowledges the additional challenges faced by LGBTQ people who are or may be perceived as women. The award seeks to recognise the work done to help remove barriers for under-represented genders by an LGBTQ person who is or may be perceived as a woman in the workplace, and is comfortable being identified as such and included in a space that centres the experiences of women.

Nominees should be seen as a role model in this space, advocating for the advancement of under-represented genders, and working toward making structural and cultural change within their organisations to improve gender inequities within Pride networks and industries.

2022 Nomination forms will soon be available for download.

We can accept nominations between Monday, 10th January 2022 and Friday 11th February 2022.

For more information regarding this awards, please contact awei@prideindiversity.com.au


We can accept AWEI Submissions between Monday, 10th January 2022 and Friday 11th February 2022 for hand-delivered, couriered or mailed submissions (hard copies, USB, etc).

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