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In 2023, 178 organisations and 41,157 individuals took part in the survey. Of these, 40,331 respondents are Australian-based, and 826 work in overseas locations for Australian employers.

All organisations participating in the survey are working to increase and support LGBTQ+-inclusive practices within their organisations.

Between August and December 2023, a series of Practice Points will be published and presented to provide insights into this year’s responses.

2023 Practice Points 

Edition 1: Key Insights 30 August  2023

The first topic in our series, Key Insights, highlights some of the key findings from the 2022 AWEI Survey and provides a valuable summary of results across major areas.

Edition 2: Being Out at work13 September 2023

This edition highlights findings relating to people of diverse sexuality, being out at work. We focus on perceptions, engagement, safety, mental health and wellbeing, bullying and harassment, and respondent feelings towards being comfortable enough to be out at work.

Edition 3: Trans and Gender Diverse Inclusion27 September 2023

This edition is focused on data relating to trans and gender diverse respondents, the differences between the experience of those open or not open in the workplace and differences in experiences between transgender and cisgender respondents.

Edition 4: Allies in the workplace 11 October 2023

This edition is focused on what makes an ally, who are more likely to be active allies, and how important are they in helping to support LGBTQ people in the workplace?

Edition 5: Impacts of Leadership support 25 October 2023

This edition looks at the importance of visible executive allies and/or sponsors within organisations, the significant impacts they can have on culture, inclusion, and safety for all employees, particularly LGBTQ+ employees.

Edition 6: Bullying and Harassment experiences of LGBTQ Employees Edition 6: Bullying & Harassment Experiences – 8 November 2023

This Practice Point looks closely at the demographics of who is witnessing bullying and harassment, and for those that have witnessed, what actions are taking place. We are also looking at the bullying and harassment experiences of LGBTQ+ respondents, and the reporting actions which are taking place.

Edition 7: Impacts of Visible role models – 22 November 2023

This Practice Point looks closely at the impact that visible roles models in the workplace can make to LGBTQ+ employees

Edition 8: Applying an Intersectional lens – 13 December 2023

This practice point focuses on the respondents who have an additional aspect of their background or identity that may affect their workplace experiences along with being LGBTQ+.

2023 Industry Inclusion Insights

Industry Inclusion Insights reports compare a particular industry or sector to the full Australia response data to show where there are differences and similarities. Comparisons are made between both demographic and experiential data. For brevity, only significant differences will be discussed.

In 2023 the Sectors and Industries who received data significant enough to provide insights are:

Private Company organisations by ANZSIC Industry:

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