2024 AWEI Employee Survey – Registration

REGISTRATIONS have now been CLOSEDfor this survey period.

If your organisation participated in this years survey, results will be distributed by the end of May.

To keep up to date with all things AWEI, please ensure you register for the AWEI mailing list. This will enable you to recieve:

  • AWEI Submission details and registration process
  • AWEI Survey details and registration process 
  • AWEI Survey research presentations and publications
  • AWEI Submission-related toolkits and factsheets

Please complete the form below to request your organisation’s unique link to the 2024 AWEI Survey.

Once received you will be provided:

  1. A summary document outlining the survey sections, purpose and questions
  2. A PDF of the full survey for your organisation’s review
  3. ACON’s Pride Inclusion Programs – Data Cleansing protocol
  4. ACON’s Pride Inclusion Programs – Research Data Security Policy
  5. ACON Privacy Policy 2015
  6. 2023 ACON Research Ethics Review Committee approval letter
  7. AWEI Participation Tool Kit containing information to help you to plan your data and communications strategies.

Note: You are able to change your mind regarding participation at a later date.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on AWEI@acon.org.au