The Australian Workplace Equality Index

The AWEI sets out a range of expectations as it is and extremely comprehensive and evidence based. Therefore does take some time to complete.

Employers are asked a series of very specific questions in relation to areas that directly impact inclusion, or the perception thereof, and are required to provide evidence for all responses. Evidence may entail a detailed description of a process or alternatively attach copies of supporting documentation to validate responses. All employers are measured same criteria but must provide sufficient evidence, as requested.

As the Index is used for benchmarking purposes, the necessary rigour and submission process provides an accurate gauge regarding the level of inclusivity efforts within the submitting employer organisation.

Many of these expectations are explained through key terminology and tutorials defined below. In addition, we show you best practice examples of how to record and submit your evidence.

 AWEI Tutorial: Raising the Bar & Setting Expectations

This tutorial is important for all AWEI participants, regarding the new iteration of the Index which discusses topics including:

  • Why Pride in Diversity reviews the Index every three years
  • Employer Participation Tiers – what determines Gold, Silver and Bronze ranking?
  • Why the Index has changed to reflect shifts in practice and the research regarding this
  • Review and analysis of domestic and international focus
  • What has changed in the AWEI 2020 – less questions!
  • The importance of resetting expectations

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AWEI Scoring Guideline

The Scoring Guidelines are to be used in conjunction with the AWEI submission documents. They are designed to provide you with guidance in gathering evidence for the index in which you are submitting, with the purpose of obtaining maximum points allocated per question.

This document(s) break down each question of the Index, providing you with:

  • an understanding of why the question is important
  • highly beneficial information to help you provide accurate evidence
  • the maximum number of points each question can achieve

AWEI 2021 Small Employers Evidence and Scoring Guideline: click here to download

AWEI 2021 Standard Employer Evidence and Scoring Guideline: click here to download

Practice Points

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AWEI Mailing List

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