Understanding your 2018 AWEI Results

Understanding your AWEI Results

Pride in Diversity has developed a PowerPoint presentation to assist you with presenting your AWEI results back to your executive, diversity team, broader HR team and employee network/resource group.

AWEI Results Presentation – Standard (201+ employees) – Click here to open/download

AWEI Results Presentation – Small Employers (200 or fewer employees) – Click here to open/download

This PowerPoint deck may be edited to remove the slides that are not relevant to your submission, or organisation.

To present this back to your organisation:

  • Remove any benchmarking slides and title pages that may not be relevant to your organisation
  • Using your transcript results, add speakers notes and your scores for each section as a reference during presentation


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For more information on the 2019 AWEI and the Australian LGBTI Inclusion Awards event, please contact the Pride in Diversity office on (02) 9206 2139.