The Australian Workplace Equality Index

While many Awards Nomination Processes boast a much quicker and less cumbersome submission process, the AWEI is extremely comprehensive and evidence based and therefore does take some time to complete. Employers are asked a series of very specific questions in relation to areas that directly impact inclusion or the perception thereof and are required to provide evidence for all responses. Evidence may entail a detailed description of a process or alternatively copies of supporting documentation to validate responses. This ensures that all employers are measured on not only the same criteria but allows employers the flexibility in their approach to meeting that criteria provided sufficient evidence is supplied.

As the Index is used for benchmarking purposes, its necessary rigour and submission process provides an accurate gauge as to the level of inclusivity currently being worked on within the submitting employer organisation. Already, since its launch in 2010, the index has witnessed a significant shift in practice and as a result was re-aligned in 2014 to not only match the level of practice currently within Australia but to once again shift it to the next level. The AWEI was realigned once again in 2016.


We can accept AWEI submissions between Monday 6th January – 5pm Friday 6th March 2020 (or midnight Saturday 7th March 2020 if sending large file transfer URL).

  • No later than 5pm, Friday 6th March 2020 for hand-delivered, couriered or mailed submissions (hard copies, USB, etc).
  • Deadline for large file transfer program URL (Including but not limited to Dropbox, Google Docs, ParcelPost, SharePoint or any other internally approved large file transfer system) midnight Saturday 7th March 2020 (note: file attachments will not be accepted within emails).
  • Send to with a copy to


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Participating in the AWEI optional survey?  You will be able to request your unique survey URL as of Monday 20th January, 2020. The survey will go live from Monday 3rd February and will remain open until the close of submissions Saturday 7th March, 2020 (midnight).

Participation in the survey allows you to balance the results of your AWEI with the views and lived experiences of your employees. While survey data is linked to your organisation enabling us to provide you with a comprehensive high level analysis of responses, individual respondent data is not collected.


AWEI for Small Employers (500 or less employees)

  • AWEI 2020 Small Employers (500 or less employees) – Doc 1 of 2 – Employer Participation Details – click here to download
  • AWEI 2020 Small Employers (500 or less employees) – Doc 2 of 2 – Annual Submission – click here to download

Standard AWEI (501+ employees)


2020 Individual Award Nomination Forms

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2020 Document Revisions

While we have taken every care to proof-read the submission documents extensively, should any minor changes be required this table will document any and all changes made.

02/07/19All submission documentsInitial
04/07/19AWEI 2020 (501+ Employees) – Doc 2 of 2 – Standing & Annual Submission1.1Formatting changes throughout; updates to Q6, Q8, Q15, Q17
08/07/2019AWEI 2020 (501 or more Employees) - Doc 2 of 2 - Standing & Annual Submission1.2Q34: 2019 Executive Leadership and Engagement: Removed reference to executive sponsors. This can be any senior leader.
09/07/2019AWEI 2020 (501 or more Employees) - Doc 2 of 2 - Standing & Annual Submission1,2Q34: Adjustment to evidence required.


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For more information on the 2019 AWEI and Australian LGBTI Inclusion Awards event, please contact the Pride in Diversity office on (02) 9206 2139.